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честная птица игра с выводом денег

Честная птица игра с выводом денег

Las Vegas is considered a modern icon of excess. It offers every imaginable extreme of greed, pleasure, and despair, all supported by technology that enhances fantasy and allows residents and visitors alike to forget reality and responsibility.

The authors of the fourteen stories in Честная птица игра с выводом денег Neon imagine Sin City in the near future, when excess has led to social, environmental, or economic collapse. Their stories range from futuristic casinos to the seared post-apocalyptic desert, from the struggle to survive in a repressive theocracy to the madness of living in a world where most life forms and all moral codes have vanished.

Dead Neon explores the possible future of America by examining the near future of Las Vegas. The authors, all either Vegas-based or intimately familiar with the city, capture its unique rhythms and flavor and probe its potential for evoking the fullest range of the human spirit in settings of magic, horror, and despair.

Dead Neon: Tales of Near-Future Las VegasTodd Pierce, Jarret KeeneUniversity of Nevada Press, 28 жовт. He is a graduate of the MFA program at UC Irvine and the PhD program at Florida State University.

Pierce is the author of several books, and his work has appeared in over 80 literary journals and magazines. Jarret Keene has taught creative writing and literature courses at University of Nevada, Честная птица игра с выводом денег Vegas. He has authored or edited several works честная птица игра с выводом денег Las Vegas, and has published several poetry collections.

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заправки игра с выводом денег

Честная птица игра с выводом денег



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