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Museums, libraries, archives, as well as sports centers, sport venues and fitness centers will be allowed to reopen. All sports facilities and establishments will only be able to conduct activities that do not require the touching of others and in groups of up to five people only.

Fitness and sport classes such as yoga or spinning are therefore also limited to five people including the instructor.

Public and private events, as well as the gathering of people continues to be limited to a maximum of five people. All establishments and facilities must как пройти 7 уровень в игре нужны деньги 2 and provide adequate protections policies that seek to prevent infection or at the very least make an infection less likely.

This includes social-distancing of at least two как пройти 7 уровень в игре нужны деньги 2 and the wearing of masks. In addition, as proper social-distancing while using public transportation may be difficult, the Liechtenstein Government recommends the wearing of masks while on public transportation.

Children who use school buses to get to school will be provided masks. Starting 18 May 2020, in-person classes in kindergarten, primary and secondary public schools, as well as state-approved private schools, will gradually be resumed. Instruction will be conducted in compliance with safety precautions and with certain restrictions. Kindergarten through fifth-grade classes will conduct instructions under strict hygiene and distance precautions.

Classes at the secondary grade levels will как пройти 7 уровень в игре нужны деньги 2 of a combination of in-person and remote instruction. Adult continuing education institutions are also allowed to offer in-person activities. In addition, out-of-house childcare facilities may also resume business.

On 24 April 2020, 82 Coronavirus cases had been recorded in Liechtenstein (out of a total population of roughly 38,000). Only one case was fatal. Over two-thirds of the 82 recorded infections were updated as healed.

In light of the above baseline of infections, and parallel with the decision of the Swiss Government, Играть а онлайн казино began an easing of self-isolation measures beginning April 27. Given that Liechtenstein has a Customs Treaty with Switzerland, allowing for a free-flowing, open border system, the ordinances of Switzerland related to the coronavirus are largely applicable to Liechtenstein.

The Воруем деньги игра Government may, however, issue separate ordinances in relation to the Liechtenstein territory. Liechtenstein and Swiss authorities emphasized that the easing of measures as of April 27 does not yet mean that the dangers posed by the coronavirus have been averted как пройти 7 уровень в игре нужны деньги 2 that proper hygiene and distancing protocols must continue to be observed.

Per the Swiss Federal Council "On 27 April, hospitals will be able to resume all medical procedures, including non-urgent procedures, and outpatient medical practices, hairdressing salons, massage practices and cosmetic studios will be allowed to reopen. DIY stores, garden centers and florists will also be allowed to reopen. The protection of the public and of staff must be assured. If the situation allows, schools for children of compulsory school age and shops will be able to reopen on 11 May.

On 8 June, upper-secondary schools, vocational schools and higher education игры бесплатные с выводом денег, as well as museums, zoos and libraries may reopen.

More details as to the April 27 phased easing of coronavirus measures can be viewed here. In Liechtenstein, in contrast to the Swiss ordinance, the government decided that as of April 27, all stores and markets that previously did not meet the criteria of being an essential business will be allowed to reopen as long as they follow strict hygiene and distancing regulations.]



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Как пройти 7 уровень в игре нужны деньги 2



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Как пройти 7 уровень в игре нужны деньги 2



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